Fall Buying Trends for Myrtle Beach

The high opportunity seen during this summer’s buying window seems to be continuing on into this fall season for the time being. Mortgage rates are remaining low without any significant rises seen recently, while home prices are giving buyers an opportunity to enter the market without breaking the bank. If you’re considering purchasing a new home or [...]

Grand Strand’s Strengthening Housing Market

A strong trend heading into the fall months, and what some think will continue on through winter, is the continued real estate growth in and around the Grand Strand. According to Rob Salvino, an economist at Coastal Carolina University, quoted in a Myrtle Beach Online article, the housing market’s growth in the Grand Strand is due [...]

The Grand Strand Market Heading into Fall

A big indicator of how the housing market will likely perform heading into fall and in weeks to come is linked to the affect that economic reports have on current economic conditions. Typically, negative reports will cause investors to move money from stocks into bonds. Since Mortgage Bonds are tied to home loan rates, the [...]

Does Late Summer Buying Make Sense?

News of rising mortgage rates might make you question entering into the home buying arena this late in the summer. However, despite rising mortgage rates, the housing economy is continuing to improve nationwide with a strong growth happening in the Grand Strand. Mortgage rates are on the rise, with Freddie Mac’s 30-year fixed mortgage rates growing to [...]

Your Summer Buying Window for Myrtle Beach

Taking advantage of this summer’s home buying window. Good news for the Grand Strand area as well as Myrtle Beach continues to pour in regarding the growth and advancement of the real estate market. While it’s important to buy a new home or condo only when you’re completely ready to do so, it makes economic [...]

Grand Strand Summer Real Estate Trends

During the first quarter of 2013, condos and single family residential sales activity in Myrtle Beach and the surrounding area increased quite substantially over the same period of 2012. With a 31% increase over this time last year, the expectation for the second quarter of 2013 is anticipated to show continued and steady growth. A [...]

The Housing Recovery is Real

The stage has been set for a continuing housing recovery for 2013 and the years following as the Grand Strand area is experiencing strong growth within both the single family home and condo markets. Despite the rise of home prices and the growth of construction activity in and around the Myrtle Beach area, there is [...]

How to Add Value to Your Myrtle Beach Real Estate

The Myrtle Beach and Grand Strand area are seeing an influx in new homes, existing home sales, and an overall increase in property values throughout the area. Due in part to the popularity of this sought-after vacation destination, the real estate growth and expansion within Myrtle Beach is creating an ideal market for those wishing [...]

Myrtle Beach Real Estate Growth

Market indicators point to a national real estate industry powering economic growth in many areas throughout the US. As reported by Bloomberg, the S&P/Case-Shiller index indicates that residential real estate prices have reached their highest growth rates since May of 2006 during the month of February, another indicator to a strengthening housing market. Sticking to the national [...]

Grand Strand Residential is Up and Up

The Grand Strand The momentum of 2012 has carried over into 2013 in Grand Strand residential and condo properties. Sales activity is up double digits and prices are rebounding. Sales activity showed a robust increase of 11.5% in March of this year compared to the same month a year ago. There is reason for optimism — there [...]