Vacation Home Sales on the Surge

According to a recent survey conducted in March of 2014 by The National Association of Realtors®, “vacation home sales have risen strongly, while investment purchases have declined below the elevated levels seen from the previous two years.” Our own analysis of the Grand Strand residential market shows a surge in residential sales as shown here. The [...]

Grand Strand Ends 3rd Quarter Strong

Myrtle Beach and the Grand Strand have experienced a strong summer of activity, with both Single Family Residential (SFR) sales and condo sales up during summer going into September. Given the low interest rates and affordable housing prices throughout the area, the window to buy is still large, providing a wonderful opportunity for those wishing [...]

The Grand Strand Residential Outlook for 2013

The Grand Strand 2012 proved to be a welcome improvement for the Grand Strand area over the last few years in terms of sales performance for all property classes (single-family residential, condominium, and residential lots). There is little doubt that historic low interest rates provided that boost for sales activity. With sales on the rise, [...]

Good News in Housing

Last week we experienced a double dose of good news with regards to housing. The figures for Housing Starts reflected a 15 percent rise in September which was the fastest pace in over four years. Also Building Permits increased by more than 11 percent. This is good news because Building Permits reflect a sign of [...]

Inside This Week’s Market News for the Week of June 27th

Last week, the Fed decided to extend  known as Operation Twist, a program where the Fed sells short-term securities and Notes while purchasing long-term Notes and Bonds in an effort to lower long-term rates.  The recent negative economic reports on the slow employment growth, the continued elevated levels in unemployment, as well as the recent [...]

Specials for Veterans

This Friday, November 11, 2011 is Veterans Day. That means it’s the perfect opportunity to honor America’s veterans for their patriotism, love of country, and commitment to serve and sacrifice for the common good of the USA. If you need a few ideas to celebrate, you could go out to eat, or go to an [...]

Considering purchasing?

Now is a great time! It was Benjamin Franklin who once said, “The only things we can be sure of are death and taxes.” And lately, volatility in the markets is another certainty, and the last few weeks has been no exception. A recent big market mover was last Friday’s Jobs Report from the Bureau [...]