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Myrtle Beach 3 houses

What to Evaluate When Making A Purchase Offer

The window of opportunity for purchasing a new home or condo in the Myrtle Beach and Grand Strand area is prime. Inventory and sales are steadily rising. If you are considering purchasing in the Grand Strand area [...]
Grand Strand Residential Trends | The Hoffman Group

Grand Strand Residential Inventory Rising

Grand Strand Residential Outlook The inventory for residential homes in the Grand Strand area is showing an upward trend that has continued from the end of 2013. Per MLS (Paragon) as of April 11, 2014 there are [...]
The Hoffman Group | Grand Strand Condo Inventory - April 2014

Grand Strand Condo Sales On The Rise

  The Grand Strand Condo Outlook The inventory for Grand Strand condos is showing an upward trend as illustrated on the above chart. This is typical for the season but the buzz on the street amongst area real [...]
Boost Your Credit Score | The Hoffman Group | Myrtle Beach, SC

Boost Your Credit Score Before You Buy

The journey of buying a new home starts long before your physical search begins, and it is just as critical. Finances play a key role in your home search, so understanding what your credit score is and where you [...]
Hoffman | Real Estate Tax Breaks

Overlooked Real Estate Tax Breaks

Whether you’re buying a primary residence in Myrtle Beach or buying a vacation home in the Grand Strand area, there are a few, often overlooked tax breaks for homeowners that could help you save some money when [...]
Staging Tips for Any Grand Strand Listing | The Hoffman Group

Staging Tips for Any Grand Strand Listing

When it comes to selling your home or condo a professional real estate agent will get down to strategy and selling tactics. One of the most effective tactics is the staging conversation. Effective staging is [...]
A Growing Myrtle Beach Housing Market | The Hoffman Group

A Growing Myrtle Beach Housing Market

Myrtle Beach continues to see growth in the housing market as the Grand Strand approaches its beautiful summer months. Zillow, an online real estate database, reported that home values in Myrtle Beach have risen [...]
The Hoffman Group | Enjoy Myrtle Beach

Are You Getting a Good Deal?

Buying a home or condo is an exciting event, but one that can leave many homebuyers wondering if they got a great deal. Following are four questions that you should ask yourself to help determine whether or not [...]
The Hoffman Group | Myrtle Beach

Why A Real Estate Agent Matters

March is almost upon us, which means we are getting closer to the beautiful summer months of the Grand Strand. There isn’t a more perfect time than now to begin the process for purchasing your your dream vacation or [...]
The Grand Strand Residential Trends | The Hoffman Group

Full Steam Ahead….Sort of

Back in mid-2012 we began reporting that the Grand Strand real estate market was poised for growth. In late 2012 the market began seeing light and continued improvements, setting single-family home sales records for [...]
Start With Loan Approval | The Hoffman Group

Start With Loan Appoval When Buying

We know the Grand Strand makes it easy to get distracted. You have the beach, golf, dining, and dozens of fun activities. When searching for that primary or second home in the beautiful Myrtle Beach area make sure [...]
2014 Grand Strand Condo Inventory | The Hoffman Group | February 1, 2014

Myrtle Beach Condo Sales On The Rise

Economic data which we’ll present here reveals that it’s still a great time to become a home or condo buyer in the Grand Strand. Condo inventory has pretty much leveled off during the last quarter of 2013 and [...]