Grand Strand’s Strengthening Housing Market

A strong trend heading into the fall months, and what some think will continue on through winter, is the continued real estate growth in and around the Grand Strand. According to Rob Salvino, an economist at Coastal Carolina University, quoted in a Myrtle Beach Online article, the housing market’s growth in the Grand Strand is due [...]

5 Questions to Ask When Selecting a Real Estate Agent in Myrtle Beach

The latest Grand Strand real estate news suggests solid growth in the real estate market, growth that will likely hold on and out-perform last year’s numbers through the end of the year. If you are thinking about entering the housing market, whether to buy or to sell, the process for hiring the right agent to [...]

The Grand Strand Market Heading into Fall

A big indicator of how the housing market will likely perform heading into fall and in weeks to come is linked to the affect that economic reports have on current economic conditions. Typically, negative reports will cause investors to move money from stocks into bonds. Since Mortgage Bonds are tied to home loan rates, the [...]

Three Secrets Every House Hunter Should Know

The recovering housing economy and still low mortgage rates are making this late summer/early fall period one of the best opportunities this year for buyers to take advantage of great prices. Though mortgage rates have been rising this year, rates dropped a bit this week amid news out of Syria and weaker than expected economic [...]

Maintaining a Healthy Credit Score

The market in the Grand Strand is currently experiencing a healthy growth that allows for many great opportunities for home buyers. Though there are great deals to be had, some potential buyers could be exempt from purchasing their dream home or even entering the market due to weak credit scores. If you’re in the market [...]

Does Late Summer Buying Make Sense?

News of rising mortgage rates might make you question entering into the home buying arena this late in the summer. However, despite rising mortgage rates, the housing economy is continuing to improve nationwide with a strong growth happening in the Grand Strand. Mortgage rates are on the rise, with Freddie Mac’s 30-year fixed mortgage rates growing to [...]

Summer Highs in Grand Strand

The Grand Strand continues its trend of a strong and growing real estate market as this summer is bringing high numbers in both the Single Family Residence (SFR) and Condo markets. This growth, coupled with slowly rising mortgage rates have many people buying into the market and continuing the strong trend seen in the real [...]

What’s Worrying Myrtle Beach Home Buyers?

Finding a great deal for a home or condo in the current economy can prove to be a daunting task, when considering the primary concerns of home buyers in today’s market. However, many signs are pointing to a strong and growing Grand Strand housing market, and snagging a great deal is possible. With some preparations [...]

Your Summer Buying Window for Myrtle Beach

Taking advantage of this summer’s home buying window. Good news for the Grand Strand area as well as Myrtle Beach continues to pour in regarding the growth and advancement of the real estate market. While it’s important to buy a new home or condo only when you’re completely ready to do so, it makes economic [...]

Preventing Seller Remorse

Like buying, selling your home comes with it’s own string of complicated rules and strategies. With the growing market in the Grand Strand area and through the nation, it’s tempting to sell your home if you’ve been considering it. Following are ways to avoid seller’s remorse and have the optimum sales experience when selling your home or [...]