5 Keys to Selling Your Myrtle Beach Home In Less Time

Successfully selling your home in less time requires an appeal story that can captivate any potential buyer. Here are 5 keys to selling your Myrtle Beach home in less time:

1. Disconnecting From Your Home

The first step that any home seller must overcome is to disengage from the home without removing all its personality. A properly staged home allows any buyer the ability to imagine themselves living in that home – an important step for selling in less time. Taking yourself out of the home might be difficult, but it’s a necessary obstacle that must be overcome.

Here are some tips for quickly disengaging yourself from your home:

  • Take pictures of each room
  • Sit in each room to recall and write down your meaningful memories
  • Catalogue all of your possessions to ensure they are placed properly in your new home

Moving is stressful and having a clear mind throughout the process is crucial to selling your home quickly.

2. Discover Your Target Market

The average age for first time home buyers is roughly 30 to 47 showing a growth in homeowners in younger demographics.

The National Association of Realtors

According to the National Association of Realtors, the average age for first time home buyers is roughly 30 to 47 showing a growth in homeowners in younger demographics. Going into the the home selling process without an idea of which demographic prospective buyers fall into puts yourself at a disadvantage to other homes on the market.

Prepare yourself with information on the immediate neighborhood and ask your real estate agent about similar homes that have sold in your area. The longer you’ve been in your home, the greater chance that your target market will be significantly younger than you.

3. Maximize the Curb Appeal 

Making the most out of a buyer’s “second look” requires maximizing your potential curb appeal. A buyer’s first impression is likely to be online or through printed pictures, but their first visual glimpse at a home will be a deciding factor on any continued interest.

Here are some tips on quickly improving the visual impression that your home gives off:

  • Strive for making the exterior appear easy to maintain
  • Remove any abnormal or irregular items from the front yard and driveway
  • Allow the front door to appear inviting
A buyer’s first glimpse at a property must make them feel drawn inside and eager to explore what could be their new home.

4. Declutter Your Home

Bare walls are never fun to look at and allow for little imagination on the part of potential home buyers while clutter fails to entice them to fall in love with your property. Finding common ground with these two extremes gives the potential buyer enough space to allow themselves to imagine living in the property without feeling like they are simply viewing someone else’s home.

Empty homes appear smaller than properly staged homes and while it may seem easy to remove as much as possible, this strategy ultimately makes it difficult for the buyer to fall in love with the property.

5. Clean and Repair With Purpose

Small problems add up and can push potential buyers out of the door, killing any potential sell. While some problems require the use of experts, there are many areas of your home you can improve upon quickly and efficiently:

  • Walls and Ceilings. Paint over any marks and scratches that may have accumulated on your walls. Sanding cracks and other imperfections also adds great value to the interior appearance.
  • Windows. Remove any screens on windows prominently visible on the exterior and ensure that, if applicable, they have clean shutters. Be sure to pay attention to the quality of the frames on the interior side of your windows, it’s easy to quickly paint and brighten up any frames that have taken a beating.

Remember, clean is what sells. Every improvement adds to the immediate impression the buyer feels when they walk through the door. Even small problems can add stress to what the buyer is feeling as they consider a purchase.

Reference Source: Home Staging That Works: Sell Your Home in Less Time for More Money by Starr C. Osborne

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